Choices: Using Mobile to Enhance Patient Experience and Decision Making

Choices: Using Mobile to Enhance Patient Experience and Decision Making 

Gilliam is Co-I of the Game Changer Chicago Design Lab and will present with Jim Taylor GCC, Lab Director. The talk will discuss the Lab and current and future work related to mobile apps. They will focus on a waiting room app designed in conjunction with ITS. Gilliam’s team wants to use this time to raise women’s awareness of the most effective forms of contraception before meeting with a provider. The goal is to catalyze informed, empowered decision making about contraception with a deep degree of engagement. They will present data from the pilot study at a Planned Parenthood clinic serving low-income women at high risk of unintended pregnancy. They will conclude by describing plans for developing mobile games.


Dr. Melissa Gilliam, 

Professor of Obstetrics/Gynecology 

and Pediatrics;

Chief, Family Planning;

Associate Dean for Diversity,

Division of the Biological Sciences


Dr. Melissa Gilliam is Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Pediatrics, Chief of the Section of Family Planning & Contraceptive Research, and Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion in the Biological Sciences Division, as well as Director of Ci3 at the University of Chicago. 


James Taylor, 

Learning Technology Director,

Game Changer

Chicago Design Lab

James Taylor is a game designer, a puzzle designer, and a product strategist through and through. He loves to pull together complex projects. Before moving to Chicago he worked as the lead designer for the mobile game studio Tap, Crackle Pop in San Francisco. He has successfully launched board games, card games, building toys, and learning products. He is currently the Director of Game Changer Chicago at the University of Chicago.